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Oregon Wedding Planner for the Quirky, Fun-loving Couples

I'm ready!

Oh, hey there ya fuckin brussel sprout! Almost didn’t see you there. That newly engaged glow looks sooo good on you (trust me, I can see it through the screen!). 

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, I’m guessing it’s because you’re planning a wedding or super special event? Luckily for you, I’ve acquired a specific set of skills over time that make me a killer event planner. I started my business in early 2021 and have gone through countless hours of education to ensure that myself and my team are always up to date, to give you the best planning services possible! I was also a 2022 bride, so I experienced first-hand the overwhelm and excitement that goes into making your dream day come to life. 

Dai-sy me rollin’, they hatin’ - tryna catch me ridin’ dirt-ay

Owner, Lead Stylist, and Planner

Meet Katelynn

Designing and styling weddings is a huge passion of mine - I love to work with my couples to figure out exactly what they want, and then bring it to life! From working with your florist to designing the most stunning tablescape, I’m here for it all. 

Custom calligraphy sign? You got it. Bohemian tablescape with terracotta tones? You’ve come to the right place. Customized charcuterie boards? Reach out, cuz I got you!

I'm all here for it all, and for you and your partner.

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I love to help couples create the perfect day without the crazy stress of it all. 

(wedding planning is a lot, amiright?)

I started my business because I saw a need for a fun, goofy gal to come in and make your wedding and event planning fun. During the wedding planning process, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or to feel obligated to cater to other peoples’ opinions. I’m here to remind you that this day is about you and your partner.

Whether you’re planning an intimate destination wedding or a large wedding where all your third cousins will be in attendance, the day should still be about you. You shouldn’t have to do this alone (or with your mom or mother-in-law).

But first, let's take a ✨ deep breath ✨

Let's do this

What I love most is having fun with my clients and building an actual relationship with them. I sincerely care about you and your partner and will be a listening ear throughout the process. 

While I absolutely love curating timelines and color palettes, I love nothing more than to watch your love shine on your wedding day. I’m the planner that will follow you on Instagram for years to come because I’ll be your biggest fan or the one that will be sobbing at the sweet moments (no, seriously, I cry at every single wedding). !

I’m so here for you & your love story.

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Meet our team

About Cierra

Cierra is one of our lead planners! She is kind, funny, and calm. She loves anything Gilmore Girls (have you seen the references throughout our site?) and Harry Potter. She is married with 2 kiddos and actually met her husband in Vegas. 
Fall is her favorite season, and she is passionate about events because she loves creating extraordinary moments that will last a lifetime. 

Fun fact about Cierra - her favorite coffee order from Dutch Bros is a iced latte with cane sugar! 

About Eryn

Eryn is an amazing addition to the team - she will be assisting on wedding days, helping with charcuterie orders, and even helping with some of the backend work. She’s a mama to a sweet little boy and absolutely loves coffee (pshhh don’t we all?!). 
She is so excited to continue to grow + learn, and we are so excited to have her. 

Fun fact: Katelynn and Eryn have actually been best friends since they were in 6th grade!

About Summer

Summer is the newest addition to the team. Her favorite part of a wedding day is listening to vows, watching the couple enjoy their day, and seeing everything come together. 
She's very outdoorsy and likes to hike, ski, and riding her motorcycle. Her other hobbies include reading, watching shows, playing games, and collecting crystals. 
She recently was a bride herself! 

Fun fact about Summer - she has super long arms (no, really, she can reach alllll the shelves)

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I'm a big fan of

(scattergories, sorry, skipbo, monopoly, alllll of them)

Gilmore Girls


Fun trends

Boho Furniture

Board Games

Charcoochie Boards




I'm a big fan of

(they’re basically Lunchables for adults, amiright?!)

Gilmore Girls


Fun trends

Boho Furniture

Board Games

Charcoochie Boards




We can't wait to plan your wedding in...

Click around to view the destinations that I would love to plan a wedding in. If you’re getting married in one of these areas and looking for a wedding planner, I’m ya girl!



Moab, UT

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New York


I was completely lost when I started wedding planning, and Katelynn helped me with everything. She went above and beyond to make sure mine and my husband's day was the best day.”

-Hayley T. 

“Katelynn was not only an amazing planner throughout the process, but she has become my friend. 

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“Originally, I didn't think I needed a coordinator, but after some issues with my venue, I am so glad I changed my mind and decided I needed help and went with Katelynn! Not only was she incredibly thorough with her questions and scheduling, but she was so kind and compassionate!

-Samantha V. 

"She instantly understood our vision for the wedding and I always felt like she was advocating for us!

“Katelynn was the planner at a wedding I worked over the weekend. She was very helpful leading up to the date. Her timelines and emails were clear and helpful. During the event she was pleasant, calm and smiling while being totally aware of everything happening at the same time. She was a great planner to work with!!!”

- Sweetbay Photography 

"She was a great planner to work with!!!

The week leading up to my wedding was one of the LEAST stressful times in my life and the only reason I was able to enjoy time with my family and friends was because I knew Katelynn was working behind the scenes, making sure everything went off without a hitch!”

I knew Katelynn was working behind the scenes, making sure everything went off without a hitch!

-Samantha V. 

Kind Words from Clients

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